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Numerology the Romance in Your Name pdf

Numerology the Romance in Your Name. Juno Jordan

Numerology the Romance in Your Name
ISBN: 9780875162270 | 362 pages | 10 Mb

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Numerology the Romance in Your Name Juno Jordan
Publisher: DeVorss & Company

Jumaani has your number — and for a fee he can offer you an upgrade. Likewise, in numerology, you have 5 main numbers that make up the majority of who you are. Published in The New York Times: December 4, 2009. By studying these sound variations and the meanings that are associated with them in Kabbalah numerology, you can have a better control of your life. Every sound of your name connects you to a certain type of energy that affects your life. Indian Soothsayers Offer Tips Using Numbers and Names. Your rising sign, moon sign, etc. What number represents your name? Sometimes Kabbalah numerology is also called “name numerology” because it studies people's names. In numerology your name and birth date represent a path chosen by your higher, spiritual self. Open publication – Free publishing – More fitness Numerology uses the numerical equation of your name and date of birth to determine the selection of numbers that reflect who you are, what you are destined to achieve and the obstacles that may present themselves to you over the course of your life. On these paths Keywords: adaptable, freedom-loving, romantic, resourceful, witty, fun-loving, curious, flexible, accommodating. Do you think your name is When thinking about names for the quiz I'm featuring today, I decided to step outside of how they sound and start thinking about something else: numerology. Basic numbers are [] Humanitarian, socially conscious, idealistic, utopian, open minded, egalitarian, sharing, romantic. When this occurs - the vibrational frequency of the prime number doubles in power. The number eleven is thought of as a "master" number in numerology because it is a double digit of the same number. The month of May moves us to strike a new chord of inspiration and ambition in our lives.

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